Ever wish you had a friendly person on hand to ask questions about financial issues?  Well now you have.

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Ask the Finance Director is a free service from Tectona.  We will provide a quick answer and perhaps a pointer to useful material to give you chapter and verse.

It will not be advice or recommendations but will be practical, useful guidance on what to consider, what steps you may wish to take and/or where to look further.

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Concise, timely and relevant.  We asked the question and the answer was back with us within 48 hours.  Great service from a great organisation.

Richard, engineering consultancy

Thanks for the tips on how to value the business and for the information on Enterprise Management Initiative.  Our accountant always wants to charge an arm and a leg for such stuff.  Will be in touch.

Philip, manufacturer

Really helpful answer, thank you.  Just the right level of detail I needed.

Jim, Sales Training Company

Thank you for the very prompt answer.  It hit the nail on the head and alerted me to some possible funding sources I was not aware of.

Tim, Manufacturer

Your pointers on funding costs were excellent.  Probably saved us thousands as we were about to make the wrong choice!

Colin, fresh food distribution

Fast, factual and FREE!  There are three Fs I really like!

Mark, online learning provider