sage or xero

69. Sage Or Xero – Which Camp Are You In?

Over 20 years ago, this probably wouldn’t have even been asked as Sage was advertising that 80% of accountants would recommend their software over that of their rivals’. The campaign that featured this statistic was so successful that the whole education and training industry focused on Sage tec...
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51. To Employ or Contract Out?

Recruiting and maintaining staff can be one of the most expensive costs for your business. It isn’t just the wages that you need to consider when hiring staff. Making the wrong hiring decision can be disastrous. Therefore, it is important that you consider the hidden or forgotten costs of employin...
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47. How do you collect cash owed to you?

A sale is not a sale until you have received the cash.  Agreed? “Cash is King”. Not Shakespeare, I grant you, but probably quoted just as often. Profitability is one thing but it is a lack of cash in the bank that is the most common form of business failure – even for some highly [&hellip...
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