Management Information

The Benefits

  • Accurate, up to date management information on which you can make strategic and financial decisions.
  • Automated process so you can do away with the grinding manual effort and endless chasing for information.
  • Identification of the true drivers and Key Performance Indicators and what the number are telling you.

The Process

One of our highly experienced team members will perform a “deep dive” on your business.  They will identify what you currently know, what you need to know and where the gaps are.

  1. We will rapidly understand your objectives and the current MI you are getting.
  2. We do desktop research and weave this in with our extensive knowledge and experience to make realistic and costed proposals to you.
  3. We hold a feedback meeting to discuss and agree next steps.

What will you get at the end of it?

Your Tectona FD will present a report detailing a number of options together with specific recommendations and a plan of action. You decide which level you want to go for and we can then take away the pain by overseeing the whole process.

What next?

You call us or send us an email and we will have a no-obligation conversation to understand your needs. We will introduce you to one of the team best suited to help.