CFO at the helm at short notice

The Benefits

  • You are struggling to find the right short term resource – we have the answer.
  • You are desperately and urgently in need of someone to hit the ground running; for example, to give you the breathing space to make a considered full time appointment – we can steady the ship.


  • You are unexpectedly left without a CFO and need someone to take responsibility for your finance function right now.


  • Your FD has just left and it is going to take months to get a new one in post and up to speed.
  • This void in the leadership of your finance team might be down to illness, resignation/dismissal or simply from not having hitherto benefited from a top notch FD.
  • Maternity leave of your current CFO might mean that you cannot therefore recruit a permanent replacement.

The How

  • Tectona FDs are well versed in rapidly getting up to speed and managing finance teams so they can step in at short notice to fill the void without the need for any messy employment contracts and no long term commitment
  • Tectonas FD will be there for you when you need them – no holiday, no employment issues for you to worry about.
  • Tectona give you what you need, when you need it – and that is all you pay for, day by day.