Really Useful and Helpful Forecasting

The Benefits

  • You will not only be in better control of your business …
  • And others will see you as being in control – you will have credibility.


  • You need robust forecasts either to manage the business properly or because your funders insist on them.


  • You spend too much time firefighting – speaking to your bank, your suppliers and other stakeholders
  • You cannot get the funding required because you cannot provide the right information – in the jargon, you are not a credible proposition
  • You are not paying your key suppliers on time – and some are talking about only suppling “on proforma”

The How

  • We review your current forecasting approach
  • We compare your forecasts with actual performance over the last 12 months
  • We will guide you as to other sources of finance available to you
  • We will give you guidance on improving your credit control process (we have a separate package for this, too)
  • We prepare robust integrated Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet forecasts which drive a usable cash flow forecast

What you get at the end of it

  • An analysis of key drivers of cashflow and a process to produce a reliable cashflow forecast for a horizon of an appropriate number of months linked to a parallel process for analysing receivables at risk.  This will be supplemented by a review process to take appropriate action as projected shortfalls or risks are identified – in short, not just information but ACTION.
  • A set of integrated forecasts – P&L accounts and Balance Sheets driving a Cash Flow Forecast

What Next?

  • You contact us (phone or send us an email) and we aim to call you back within 48 hours.
  • We will have a no-obligation conversation to understand your needs.
  • If appropriate, we will introduce you to one of the team best suited to help.