Making Sure your Financial Systems and Processes Measure up


  • You are spending too much time getting the right information out of your systems and it is either too late or not complete or not accurate enough to drive great decision making.
  • You have no confidence that you have a financial control structure which protects you against error or fraud.
  • In short, you are pretty sure your systems are not optimised and they are driving you – rather than the other way round.


  • If any of the following describe your recent feelings about your finance function:
  • You need some financial information which should be produced regularly – and it’s not
  • You ask for some one-off information and it takes a huge amount of staff time to produce
  • Your finance function doesn’t have the capacity to give you the information you need for decision making
  • You haven’t got a manual of financial processes – reviewed in the last year – allocating responsibilities and identifying key risks and controls


  • You will know your systems are the best they can be.
  • You know that robust control are in place thereby minimising risks to the business.
  • You know that you have the right people doing the right jobs in the finance team enabling you to sleep easy.


  • We review your financial systems and processes
  • We review your internal controls and key risks
  • We oversee drafting of a manual of financial processes which means they are readily replicable and there when you need to cover sickness, holidays, staff leaving etc
  • We review whether your current finance function is able to produce the right information, error free and on a timely basis
  • We draw up a prioritised Action Plan
  • We present this to you and agree appropriate actions and responsibilities

What You Get At The End Of It

  • Your Tectona FD will present a report benchmarking what is produced monthly, the staff time needed to produce and look at how to reduce errors and minimise the need to call for one-off reports.
  • The report will show a number of options together with specific recommendations and a prioritised Action Plan. You decide which level you want to go for and we can then take away the pain by overseeing the whole process.

What Next

  • You contact us (phone or send us an email) and we aim to call you back within 48 hours.
  • We will have a no-obligation conversation to understand your needs.
  • If appropriate, will introduce you to one of the team best suited to help.