Profit Booster

Not quite sure which levers to pull to make your business really hum?  Or how hard to pull them?

This interactive review pulls no punches and tells you as it is.

Quad² is a hugely powerful “what if” tool that creates a virtual model of your business letting you explore the impact and affordability of different commercial scenarios.

We simply need a recent set of accounts.

The power then lies in the ability to rapidly identify the drivers of a business – you are pointed towards the issues that matter (and away from those that don’t).

And, in addition, there are a range of intriguing and powerful utilities to explore – which means that you can focus on the things that matter from a cash perspective.  You will learn that relatively small changes focused on the drivers with leverage can have a disproportionate impact on the totality of your business.

And as an added bonus – and because most businesses have an eye on exit values – we can show you some interesting things.

So, for exit planning – or put another way, a common sense approach to an event which is inevitable at some point – we can help you appreciate the impact that different commercial strategies have on how much you might sell your business for.  Worth being aware of, at the very least.

One area we regularly explore is the effect of increasing prices.  Prices up creates more profit (per sale); if you lose any customers it will probably be the price-sensitive, disloyal ones that cause you more hassle than they are worth. You can afford to lose them because you will probably make more money from the price increase than you will lose in leaving customers. (So more profit for less work).

And you will quickly understand that only once you have improved your business model – and you are making a decent profit per sale – should you consider increasing sales.

The Benefits

  • You will have insight into the important factors to focus on which have most impact on your financial performance
  • You will understand how to improve your cash position and explored funding options
  • You will have identified and explored strategic and commercial options for growth
  • Above all, your assumptions and current practices will have been challenged by independent experts, giving you the assurance that you are on the right track.


  • You are not sure which levers to pull to make your business grow.
  • Or how hard to pull them.


  • You want to explore the implications of changing key drivers of your business in a safe environment to inform your strategic planning.

The How

  • You send us a recent set of your financial accounts (with detailed P&L account)
  • One of our expert Directors reviews the figures and loads them in to the Proprietary Tectona Quad² modelling tool
  • We help and guide you to explore a number of strategic options
  • We leave you with hard and soft copy in a format suitable to be presented to your board, potential funders or investors.

What you will get at the end of it

  • A baseline 12-months cashflow forecast, along with profit and loss and balance sheet.
  • A ranking of key factors impacting your cashflow.
  • Exploration of “What-if” commercial options and their impact on profitability, cash and business value.

What next?

You contact us (phone or send us an email) and we aim to call you back within 48 hours.

We will have a no-obligation conversation to understand your needs.

If appropriate, we will introduce you to one of the team best suited to help.


Here’s what our Clients are saying about Quad²:

“Why had I not heard about Tectona and Quad² earlier?  Simply put, Mark loaded up the detail from our recent audited accounts and created a virtual model which meant that we could play with different commercial scenarios.  I learnt that relatively small changes can have a disproportionate effect on the totality of the business and which key things I really must keep focussed on.  Our next step will be to explore the sales mix in more detail and to understand the effect of finding higher margin activity.

This was a really fun and educational exercise and I strongly recommend that every business should be challenged like this at least once a year.”

Nick Martin

Managing Director, Advanced Fibreoptic Engineering Ltd

“I shared the financial information of a consultancy business that I know very well not really expecting to learn too much more.  I could not have been more wrong!  Mark took me through the Quad² program; he quickly confirmed a lot of what I already knew/surmised but then went on to explore whether the business was growth ready (it was!), and the best strategy to grow it.

This is dynamite and I will be making sure more of my clients get to fully understand their business.”

Alex Peal

Managing Partner, James Cowper Kreston

“I was delighted when Mark took me step by step through Quad² – the Tectona financial diagnostic tool.  He showed me the main areas to concentrate on in my business and we quickly focused on the key drivers of my 25 year old business which confirmed not only the overall picture, but also one crucial area (reviewing our approach to pricing) that I and the management team are only now focusing on in detail. A very timely intervention and I would not hesitate in recommending Tectona to anyone managing a business.”

Philip Dancey

Managing Director, Woodward & Co (Environmental) Ltd

“I was very impressed by the professionalism of Tectona.  Using their financial diagnostic tool Quad² to quickly analyse our recent annual accounts we were very soon drawn to the mission critical areas in our business – and which of these we needed to work on to maximise profitability and cash generation.  Most surprising were the results from playing around with the price:volume dynamic.

We will be using this highly interactive process to drill down into our mix analysis and share this with our senior management team.

No one with the responsibility for running a business (or a division of a business) should pass up the opportunity to really understand what makes things tick. Get booked in with the Tectona team now!”

David Pedley

Chairman, GWP Group