What is this fuss about Auto Enrolment and should I be worried?

The short answer to “should I be worried” is an emphatic “YES”!  Unless, that is, you are a one (wo)man band with no employees (other than you).

Put simply, if you are running a business it is the biggest shake up of the pension world in your lifetime.

To give you some context – over 5.5 million UK workers are already enrolled.  And – for you and your business – it is a legal requirement.

And you need to do something – NOW.  Inaction on your part could result in a hefty fine

We suggest you quickly find answers to these questions:

1. How will it affect me?

2. What do I need to do?

3. When do I need to do it?

4. How can I use these changes to my advantage?

No two businesses are the same and you need to talk to an expert very soon.

Contact Tectona to let us help you on the first steps of this journey.

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