If You Recognise Any Of These, We Should Be Talking

  1. You (as the CEO or MD) get bogged down by financial matters; which means that you cannot concentrate on the core business.
  2. Financial matters that really need to be dealt with get kicked into the long grass – so what were small problems become large ones.
  3. Advice from your professionals tells you what you can’t do – and not what you can and should do.
  4. As the key decision maker in your business you feel lonely and, at times, isolated.
  5. Your business has reached a size where you need someone to relieve you of responsibility for finance; but you know that the budget is either not there or that it will not pay for someone with the level of experience and expertise required.
  6. Alternatively, your FD has left suddenly and you do not know where to turn to get a safe pair of hands to steady the ship – either interim or part time – for as long as it takes.
  7. You know you will need funding soon to expand your business – yet you don’t know precisely how much or how to go about getting it.
  8. You are considering an exit from your business and want your key arrangements and processes documented in a way that presents your business in the best possible light to a buyer.
  9. You need to focus not on historics and what could have been; but on what is and what could be.