CFO sitting

120. So what does a CFO actually do?

We are often asked this question; usually phrased something like: “I already have a Financial Controller who manages the data entry and provides good management information and I have my accountant when needed – so why do I need a CFO and what can they add?” So, what value does the right CFO bring to […]

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119. Where next for Business?

Now, four months into lockdown and sales for a number of businesses are still weak. What’s on the proactive owner/manager’s to do list? There are a number of big decisions to make. Here is a bit of a hit list with the objectives: Promoting your business – getting it rapidly back on the rails Preserving […]

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118. Are you really ready to return to your workplace?

Many businesses are finding the restrictions imposed to manage COVID-19 an increasing challenge. Whilst your focus is clearly on retaining customers and maintaining trading; you must also prepare to return to your workplace. It may not be uppermost in your mind that your insurers will expect businesses to be, and continue to remain, compliant with […]

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