136. In 3 – No. 9 R&D Tax Credit claimed? 3 things you should know about if you have received a dreaded HMRC enquiry letter

If you are claiming (or have claimed) R&D tax relief, it’s important to understand the correspondence you might receive from HMRC and what to do next. Up to now, most applications for R&D relief result in money hitting your bank account, with little or no direct communication between you and HMRC. But times have changed. […]

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CFO sitting

120. So what does a CFO actually do?

We are often asked this question; usually phrased something like: “I already have a Financial Controller who manages the data entry and provides good management information and I have my accountant when needed – so why do I need a CFO and what can they add?” So, what value does the right CFO bring to […]

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