21. Content with your client engagement strategy?

Research by content marketing agency Seven found that whilst 43% of marketers think the public want to be talked to, only 15% of consumers agree.

This suggests that many companies are failing to engage a high proportion of their audience effectively.

The way that businesses communicate with clients has undergone a radical transformation in recent years, with many moving away from the traditional advertising approach of simply broadcasting their message. Utilising online content marketing to effectively engage an audience, evoke a reaction and, crucially, encourage a response has now become a key part of many marketing strategies across the globe.

‘Telling’ less could mean selling more

The ability to communicate directly, with ease, with your audience via a plethora of online channels has been instrumental in driving this revolution.

It is no longer enough to simply employ a ‘sell, sell, sell’ approach; today’s clients are demanding a more personal approach.

Communicating with your audience instead of communicating to your audience not only allows you to satisfy the demands of the modern client; it also allows your brand to develop an authoritative voice within your sector. Something that your competition will find extremely difficult to replicate effectively.

Sharing is caring (and free marketing)

Seven also found that 80% of senior marketers view owned media as effective or very effective at delivering return on investment. Content marketing can be low cost, but this doesn’t mean it is a low quality marketing tactic.

The beauty of content marketing is that it allows you as a business owner to see, in real time, how effective your marketing is.

Social media allows brands to open up a two way dialogue with their audience, something which is simply not possible with traditional marketing methods. Reactions to content can be seen, and replied to, instantly.

Perhaps more importantly, in a world where 71% of people are more likely to purchase based on a social media referral, digital content can be a valuable, shareable asset.

The internet has given businesses access to markets which previously would have been unreachable, and the publication of quality, engaging content which is shared by your audience could reach corners of the globe you may never have thought possible. At no cost!

A question often raised in respect of content marketing is ‘Is content the new king?’

This of course depends on the question you are asking; but if you are not content with your current client engagement strategy, and looking for an effective way to improve it, content marketing may indeed be a contender for the crown.

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